Filmmakers United Club

A Club for Filmmakers, Artists and Audiences.

Club Objectives

Cinema movie streaming

Watch - Learn - Create - Watch

Club members will continuously engage with the Filmmakers, Artists other members of the club and collectively work towards creating projects. A Fund will be created from the Club memberships and this will be available for the Filmmakers and Artists to Create more Projects. 

Focus on Arts

Away from all the other buzz. The Film Club will be exclusive for Film and Art related interactions.

Exclusive Content

Artists in the Club will Showcase exclusive content for the Club members.

Film & Art Education

Filmmakers and Artists will offer both Online and Offline workshops in Filmmaking and other Art forms for the members.

Online Live Chats

Live QnAs, Film Analysis, Filmmaker Interviews, Memoirs, Podcasts and many more interactive sessions of all Art Forms.


Opportunities to collaborate on Film Projects in various capacities with the Filmmakers and Artists

Polling Booth

Club members get to Vote on Art Projects proposed by Filmmakers and Artists. 

Member of Filmmakers United Club

Hello, I am Pawan Kumar, a Filmmaker from Bengaluru, India. I started F.U.C on June 01 2020, during the COVID19 Lockdown. 

The Objective of this Film Club is to bring together likeminded Filmmakers and Audiences. We can grow together and push the boundaries of filmmaking, while we Watch – Learn – Create Films.

I will be moderating this club along with the help of a few Filmmakers and Audiences who believe in my Vision. 

Join the Club today. With more and more people in the Club, F.U.C will evolve into something so resourceful that generations ahead will be happy that we all did this.

On September 01, 2020, we opened up Memberships for everyone, made the club inclusive of all Art Forms.

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