Filmmakers United Club (F.U.C) is an online hub for Creative content creators and Audiences. The agenda of the club is to Watch, Learn, and Create.
F.U.C is a Proprietary Club founded by Filmmaker Pawan Kumar. Many esteemed filmmakers and artists are members of the club, together they discuss and program the club activities.
F.U.C has no investors, hence, other than functional costs, all the revenues generated on F.U.C Portal goes directly to the content creators. F.U.C follows a community growth model and not a business model. The club is run by artists and not business executives. We are not chasing subscriptions, annual financial growth, profits etc. We are chasing sustainability for genuine talents and a platform to deliver meaningful content to audiences.
To add strength to a local, homegrown platform that is rigorously working towards creating equal opportunities for creative talents. Our vision is to create a working model and a platform that will enable creative people from all domains to thrive independently, to have a career, and improve the Quality of their creative works. Along with this, Creative Art Education in a systematic manner for new generations. Other than this philanthropic reason, as a club member, you get access to exclusive content like Films, Series, Documentaries, Workshops, Masterclasses, Consultation, Creative Collaborations, downloads, and many more from all other art forms.
If you are a Professional Content creator, like a filmmaker, singer, dancer, writer, artist, theatre practitioner etc. And you have works and services you want to showcase on F.U.C Store, then you can sign up as a Creator. We will reach out to you once we look through your application.
You could sign up for free as an Audience, you will be given a F.U.C account and a status of Audience. However, you will not be able to access any member-exclusive content, without becoming a member.
F.U.C Membership is free. However, you can become a member only if you Load your Reel box with 1000 Reels. More like a starter plan. When you pay and sign up, you will be buying the Reels, using which you can unlock Member Exclusive Content.
Simply put, Reels and Frames are like Points and Reelbox is like a Wallet. Reels, Frames, Reelbox are nostalgic phrases in Filmmaking. We decided to keep the charm alive by using these phrases instead of regular terms like points or credits. Reels are what you buy and load your Reelbox. Frames are given out for FREE. Based on how active you are on the portal, the frames keep adding to your Reelbox.
It is like having a Prepaid Mobile phone. Same logic. You will load up your Reelbox with Reels and use them to transact within the F.U.C Portal. As simple as that. Eg. If a Film is available for 200 Reels. You can unlock it by using 200 Reels from your Reelbox. You can also use Frames, to unlock member features.
There is none. Once a Member, always a member. You can use your Reels and Frames to unlock features whenever you want to.
No. Once you have bought the Reels, there are NO REFUNDS. You can only use them within the F.U.C Portal to unlock Member Features. Like we mentioned earlier, it’s exactly like a Prepaid mobile Phone system. Once you recharge, you just have to use it up.
All financial transactions are routed through Razor Pay and Paypal. Both are certified Payment gateways and secure.
Please write to – contact.thefuc.in(at)gmail(dot)com

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