Refund Policy


Billing and Registration

Registered Users, Subscribers, Billing and Cancellation

  1. Becoming a Registered User
    You may register as a F.U.C registered user of the Website(a “User”). To become a User, submit your email address to F.U.C and create a password. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password and for restricting access to your computer.
  1. ReelBox

When you subscribe/become a member at F.U.C , the amount paid during such a process will be award you with Virtual Reels in your Reelbox. You will be able to spend those Reels on Renting / Buying various digital products and services made available on the FUC Website and app. The rented products are available as per the time specified and the bought product is available in your Library as long as you are a member of FUC. 

  1. Loadup Reelbox

If you run out of Reels in your Reelbox you can choose to LOAD it up by buying Reels and adding Reels to your Reelbox. You can continue to spend the Reels from your Reelbox after the Loading. The money paid to Load up the Reelbox WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. Please note, once the money is spent on buying REELS, the same can’t be refunded back to you. Frames are given out for Free and as rewards.

Please see FAQ videos and Read up FAQ Questions to completely understand how Paid memberships work on FUC.

On becoming a Paid member of F.U.C, it is meant that you have completely understood the process of becoming a member, the payments, FUC Reelbox, Load up feature, validity and Refund Policy. It is understood that you have no more queries about the process.

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